We provide translation services to local government, NHS and voluntary organisations. We also provide translations to other private companies or individuals.

Guidelines for Service Users

If you want to translate a document please contact the Translation Department for a quote by phone on 020 8591 0050 or email us at Please note that delivery translation times will vary depending on the size and complexity of the document. For smaller document up to 100 words we can provide quick turnaround within 24 hours.

Guidelines for Translators

To translate information from English into the community language or vice-versa on matters which are relevant to the ethnic minority communities from public service agencies.


  • To translate English text into the community language
  • To translate/typeset documents from the community language into English
  • To decide, in consultation with community representatives and/or language team colleagues, the best way to translate terminology for which there is not an obvious equivalent in the community language
  • To meet with community representatives, language team members and service providers if required to establish what information and style to of language to use
  • To proof read translations done by other translators/agencies for inaccuracies and grammar or spelling errors as required To participate in training and briefing as required

Code of Practice

General Principles

  • Translators employed by the Translating & Interpreting Service will undertake translations of documents from and into the target language.
  • Translators will translate accurately to the best of their ability.
  • Translators will be responsible for the production of a completed translated document in the format specified and to a high standard of accuracy in terms of meaning, grammar, syntax, style, presentation and within the time limits required.
  • Translators will treat any personal information that might come to them in the course of their work as CONFIDENTIAL.
  • Translators will not take personal advantage of any information obtained in the course of their work.
  • Translators will not delegate work they have accepted nor will they accept delegated work without the consent of the Translation Co-ordinator.
  • Translators will not accept any form of reward for translating work other than the payment from the Translating & Interpreting Service.
  • Translators will always meet the set deadline and other job specifications.
  • Translators will liase with the Translating & Interpreting Service where difficulties arise in understanding the text and where clarifications are required.
  • Translators will not accept work directly from TIS users


  • Translated text is to have the same format as that of the English text as much as possible unless otherwise indicated
  • Write the name of the language in English at the top right hand corner in capital letters
  • Keep all headings on the front cover and/or title of the document bilingual. The translation first, followed by the English
  • Number the pages in English. Do not number the cover or the first page.
  • Addresses and telephone numbers are to remain in English and transliterated in brackets or on next line as appropriate in relation to the original format

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